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Meet She-She O'Donnell

She-She is a Life, Love & Relationship Coach and Angel Intuitive with over 20 years of experience.

After a series of synchronistic events where the Universe guided her in 2001, she moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to deepen her intuitive abilities and to share her music. From a young age she always had what felt like gifts from God and just an innate “knowing” and being able to hear angels whispering in her ear the important things that people she loved needed to hear, that helped take away their stress and fear and bring them back into a space of peace, love, and connection with God.

Throughout many courses, workshops, and constant self-practice and study, she learned how to take her natural abilities and focus in with the guidance of high vibrational angels and guides to assist people in moving through their inner obstacles to gain clarity. It is truly a deep joy she feels in being able to assist people in this way. To be able to facilitate divine guidance for people brings her at least as much joy and peace as her thousands of clients from all over the world are also experiencing after their readings or coaching sessions with her. 

As a Divine Lifestyle Consultant, she guides clients to design the highest version of their "Divine Life" and offers retreats, workshops, events and a year-long Divine Life Mastery Program to help people connect with their own divinity and to live a fun and heart-centered life free from the effects of fear.


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Live the Highest Version of Your Divine Life


Join us First Mondays at 6 pm Pacific Time

She-She will help you to:

CONNECT with your higher self

CREATE a heart centered vision to guide you forward in your life

& CLAIM your personal sovereignty


 FREE CHAKRA CLEARING MEDITATION: Especially in these trying times - with so much crazy energy all around and fear & misinformation running rampant in the collective unconscious - it is important to keep your chakras clear & aligned.  This is a powerful way to stay connected to your angels and be able to hear your own Divine Guidance. Chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel" or "disc" and each one correlates to a specific energy center in the body. I highly recommend doing the guided Chakra Clearing Meditation morning and night while repeating the affirmations with me from root to crown.