Special Offer

$97 for 12 weeks!

Welcome To Your Divine Life

Ongoing Group Coaching Program Starting Monday, December 5th, 2022

Mondays from 7-8:30pm Pacific time

I want you to know that you DESERVE to live a Divine Life!

  • A life of abundance

  • A life of freedom

  • A life where people are wildly attracted to your energy

  • A life filled with perfect synchronicities

  • A life with complete trust that everything will be taken care of

  • A life filled with Love, Joy and Happiness

JOIN NOW FOR JUST $97/ for 12 weeks!

I'm committed to helping you to PRACTICE so that you can LIVE A DIVINE LIFE!

This is not a pre-recorded series of classes but a fully LIVE and interactive weekly group coaching to help you practice, integrate, and live a fully divine life.

  • Access to a Facebook Group for community and accountability

  • Live weekly classes every Monday

  • Access to past recordings and the library of Divine Life classes

  • A community to find and connect with new friends and generate resources

  • A place to feel safe to discover your true self

  • A place to get clarity on your divine life purpose and the courage to pursue it!


Practice the Pillars of a Divine Life through our weekly online classes

  • Connection and Love

  • Abundance and Infinite Possibilities

  • Sovereignty and Freedom

  • Purpose and Alignment

  • Creativity and Passion

  • DNA Activations

  • Faith Over Fear

  • Heightened Gifts


Integrate these principles into your life through

  • Weekly Live Classes

  • Practical Action Steps

  • Spiritual Teaching

  • Guided Meditation

  • Remembering Your True Divine Nature

  • Retraining Your Nervous System to Respond from the Heart (vs. going into fight, flight or freeze)

  • Increasing Your Intuition


Live Your True Divine Life

  • Connect with your Higher Self and God

  • Get Clarity on Your Divine Life Purpose

  • Overcome Anxiety and Fear & Increase Inner Peace

  • Take Action Toward Your Dreams

  • Transform Relationships

  • Attract Your Soul Family and Romantic Partner

For the past 20 years I've helped hundreds of people

Having transformed my life from being in a loveless marriage, having to wear high heels & suits everyday to a soul sucking, stressful job... to living in Hollywood, coaching celebrities and CEOs, and fulfilling my life-long dreams of becoming a singer, recording artist and transformational coach... I now help others to pursue their dreams, let go of fear and live the highest version of their most Divine life!

Special Offer

  • My regular rate for readings and one on one coaching is $200/ hour but as a special offer you'll get group coaching at a significant discount.

  • Get ongoing Group Coaching and Classes for only $97 for 12 full weeks every Monday from 7-8:30 pm PST.

LIVE A DIVINE LIFE Group Coaching Program

Pay just $97

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