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Welcome To Your Divine Life 

Ongoing Group Coaching Program Starting Wednesday, April 3rd, 2023 

Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm Pacific time

I want you to know that you DESERVE to live a Divine Life!


Are you ready to shift to your highest timeline? You may be finding yourself thinking ahead and wanting something completely different to what you have settled for so far in life. You are DIVINE & The Universe wants you to think big and really know you are worthy and deserving until it becomes a total way of life and being and you are able to just trust and KNOW that good things are always coming in and miracles every moment are possible!

I am here as a guide and a support on your ascension journey with all the ups and downs... My intention is for each and every person who joins that you remember your true divine nature,  embody your highest timeline of freedom and abundance, embody the highest version of yourself and live a life that you LOVE that is fully in alignment with your soul!

The purpose of the Group Coaching Program is also for you to feel connected and supported by a community. Each week I will lead an inquiry on "What Does it Mean to Live a Divine Life?". I will offer a guided meditation and real life tips and techniques to stay heart centered and higher self connected during these challenging times.

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I'm committed to helping you  to PRACTICE so that you can LIVE A DIVINE LIFE!

This is not a pre-recorded series of classes but a fully LIVE and interactive weekly group coaching to help you practice, integrate, and live a fully divine life.


Practice the Pillars of a Divine Life through our weekly online classes


Integrate these principles into your life through


Live Your True Divine Life

For the past 20 years I've helped hundreds of people

Having transformed my life from being in a loveless marriage, having to wear high heels & suits every day to a soul sucking, stressful job... to living in Hollywood, coaching celebrities and CEOs, and fulfilling my life-long dreams of becoming a singer, recording artist and transformational coach... I now help others to pursue their dreams, let go of fear and live the highest version of their most Divine life! 

Special Offer 

LIVE A DIVINE LIFE Group Coaching Program

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