Life-Changing 12 Week 



As your Divine Lifestyle Consultant, I will help you learn what it means to live a truly Divine Life! Many of us go through life just going through the motions... not being inspired or enjoying our lives. This is not truly living and it is not why we are here! Unless we have a heart-centered vision drawing us forward in life, on the wings of freedom and pleasure we are not truly fulfilled!

I will help you get clarity on who you are, why you are here and what you are here to do, along with a Divine Lifestyle Design Program to help you fulfill your destiny in a playful way! You will feel inspired and excited about life again with a feeling of knowing you are "on purpose".

My coaching and consulting approach is based on one core principle: that you are DIVINE! When you become fully aware of your true Divine nature, you start to treat yourself, and everyone else much better! I will help you create new practices and understandings until loving and honoring yourself and making choices that are in alignment with your soul becomes a way of life. You will recognize that you have personal sovereignty- you are the King/Queen of your life and you have a "say" in how things are going to go!

This is for people who really want to go to the next level with their love, life, and careers. Freedom from old patterns and creating a new life requires a long-term commitment experience lasting results. More than just a one-time reading, this is like having ANGEL MENTORS on hand to help you DESIGN the HIGHEST VERSION of your DIVINE LIFE! You can change your life by signing up for....

You can start to create your Divine Life and step into the YOU that you've always wanted to be! 

Your 12 Week  Divine Life Coaching Program Includes:

*A one-hour Divine Life reading/coaching session over the phone or on ZOOM or Skype per week.

*Angelic Reminders"- Inspiring texts and structures for accountability to help you keep on track with your new way of thinking, doing and being so that you can achieve your goals!

*Free attendance at monthly angel circles

Apply today and start truly living the DIVINE version of your life!

Welcome to Your Divine Life!

 Group Coaching and in Person Divine Events

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